Profiling Calendly: Disrupting Scheduling Workforce Management Solutions

If you have yet to use Calendly, you clearly never meet with anyone.
The Atlanta based software company makes it ridiculously easy to offer your calendar to anyone and customize and control the options. It's a socially acceptable easy solution to the age of mission of having my people work with your people to figure out when might work.
And I believe it's going to be a billion dollar company. Mailchimp did it with email marketing. Calendly, started at the Atlanta Tech Village might follow. 
Here's why: if you spend any time at all trying to figure out a time that works for people you meet with then Calendly will save you that time. Their brand is a barrier to entry in that their interface is perfected and they are a trusted name - I've always had a positive outcome when being direct when asking someone for the time that works best for them and offering a link to my Calendly profile for them book time directly on my calendar. 

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As of writing this, millions of jobs are suddenly and indefinitely work from home jobs. 
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